Responsible products

Sustainable and healthy food

HKScan seeks to meet consumers' needs by offering healthy, safe and responsibly manufactured products suitable for balanced diets.

Healthy food

Our long-term work in developing nutritionally high-quality products is based on nutrition recommendations. We have also paid attention to the amount and quality of fat and the amount of salt contained in our products. Example of development of fat acid content in meat is our unique Omega-3 pork concept. We have adjusted the composition of products by increasing the amount of vegetables.

"Healthy diet is based on balance and everyday choices"

Healthy diet is based on balance and everyday choices. There are no good foods or bad foods, it’s about the big picture. It is possible to enjoy a diet containing meat while following nutrition recommendations and maintaining health.

According to current recommendations, meat is a valuable part of a balanced and varied diet together with vegetables, wholegrain products and vegetable fats

Meat is an excellent protein source, not only in terms of quantity but also quality. Meat contains all the essential amino acids. Essential amino acids must come from food, the body cannot produce them.


Healthy products and sustainable lifestyle are increasingly important for consumers. Safe and healthy products are key aspects of our sustainability work, as food has a significant impact on consumers' health and well-being.

Safe products

Our food production processes comply with strict food safety standards, and all of our production facilities are certified according to international product safety management standards. Reliable product labelling as well as traceability of our products has significant importance in serving safe products.

Product safety measures are implemented across the food chain, from farm to fork, while each stage of the chain is important in ensuring product safety and quality. More information about product safety can be found in the compact Fact Sheet.

The implementation of product safety and quality is guided by HKScan’s policies. The Group’s Quality Policy determines its quality management principles and the regulations, guidelines and reference documents to be followed. The Group’s Food Safety Policy determines product safety management and the related responsibilities within the Group, as well as the regulations, standards, guidelines and documents to be followed.