Animal health

Animal welfare policy

1. Scope and objectives of the policy

The health and welfare of production animals are a prerequisite for HKScan Group’s ethical operations and
the entire meat chain. In order to influence on positive development of animal welfare issues, HKScan strives
to meet the expectations and requirements for animal welfare set by legislation and other regulation, and by HKScan itself, its customers or other stakeholders. This Animal Welfare Policy applies to whole HKScan Group and its supply chain.

2. Animal welfare in HKScan

The animal welfare can be seen as the animal's experience on its psychological and physical state as defined further in HKScan’s guidelines.

EU and national legislation forms the basis for HKScan’s animal welfare work. Additionally welfare of production animals is developed at all stages of the production chain. HKScan continuously improves the management of animal welfare through developing, identifying and applying best practices in its own processes.

HKScan also expects that primary producers from whom it purchases animals and also the entire supply
chain applies good practices of animal welfare in their businesses. Wellbeing of the producers is one of key
elements affecting the animal welfare.

One aim in enhancing animal welfare is to further reduce need of medication without compromising treatment of sick animals.

3. Engagement

HKScan also works to engage its supply chain as well as other stakeholders in the process of enhancing
animal welfare by:

enhancing competence in animal welfare issues among HKScan Group’s personnel working with production animals and producers through advising and training.

actively participating in development and research projects, initiatives and preparation of legislation focusing on animal welfare in cooperation with the industry, producers and other stakeholders.

communicating its animal welfare issues openly and fact-based and sharing knowledge with all its stakeholders.

HKScan will achieve this commitment trough up-to-date knowledge of animal welfare science, ethics and

4. Monitoring

HKScan monitors the welfare of production animals, develops its measurement and addresses specific
guidelines. Evaluation of animal welfare in the supply chain covers breeding, farms, transportation and

5. Supplementing guidelines and instructions of the animal welfare policy

  • Guideline: HKScan’s criteria for animal welfare.
  • Guidelines and instructions under this Policy may be given separately

Approved by the Board of Directors of HKScan Corporation on 11 February 2014.