HKScan Fair Way whistleblowing channel

HKScan is committed to operating honestly and adhering to high standards of ethical responsibility. The same is also expected of all its partners.

To safeguard its ethical commitment and pre-emptively mitigate any associated risks, HKScan has adopted a channel enabling anonymous reporting of any suspected breaches of good conduct. HKScan Fair Way whistleblow channel is an important new tool helping the company to ensure ethical conduct throughout the company’s operations. 

This channel is intended for reporting suspected cases of unethical behaviour in HKScan’s business. This applies to suspected violations of the law or other official regulations or deviations from HKScan’s Code of Conduct or other policies. 

Whistleblow may include:

  1. questionable or suspected improper accounting or auditing practices;
  2. suspected violations of HKScan’s Code of Conduct, policies and guidelines;
  3. suspected breaches of financial market rules and regulations governing listed companies, and
  4. suspected infringements of any other laws or regulations that govern HKScan’s operations. 

All whistleblow reports are processed confidentially

HKScan Fair Way is a fully confidential and anonymous channel intended for anyone who wishes to raise concerns regarding the company or its conduct. The system fulfills high standards of data protection and information security. To guarantee the complete anonymity of all individuals raising their concerns, the system is maintained by an external service provider. 

In addition, no employee or other person who in good faith reports any Concern shall be subject to retaliation or any kind of mistreatment due to the reporting action itself.

For more information about HKScan fair Way and detailed instructions for submitting a report, please visit here: HKScan Fair Way channel