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HKScan growing into a versatile food company – join us!

HKScan stands close to consumers and makes tasty food for consumers' varied food moments. We operate in the Baltic Sea region and aim to grow into a versatile food company.

Renewal and business development will also open up interesting new career paths. HKScan currently employs 3600 people in Finland and Denmark. Take a look at our open positions.

In the coming years, we will be renewing our operations as it is important for us to stay up-to-date.The company's history of 110 years alone obliges us to do so. Renewal means, for example, expanding into new product categories and businesses as well as digital solutions, commercial concepts and new types of jobs. We want to continue to have a strong presence in future food consumption trends and in the development of sales channels and categories.

Forerunner in responsible food production

For HKScan, a responsible way to operate is the basis of our business and we want to be a forerunner in responsible food production. Last spring, the prestigious media Financial Times recognised HKScan's work to reduce climate emissions by listing HKScan as the only food company in the Baltic Sea region on the list of Europe’s Climate Leaders.

Business development and initiatives from our employees are very important. Responsibility runs through everything we do, from how we work together with farms to how we act as an employer or what kind of packaging we use for our products.