Group Executive Team

The Group Executive Team of HKScan assists the CEO in the management of the Group, in the preparation of matters such as business plans, strategy, policies and other matters of importance, as well as in the implementation of the strategic and operative targets. The members of the GET are appointed by the Board.

HKScan Tero Hemmila web

Tero Hemmilä, CEO

Education: M.Sc. (Agr. & Econ.)

Year of birth: 1967

Nationality: Finnish

Member of the Executive team: 2/2019

Shareholding at HKScan: 46,746*

Relevant positions of trust:
Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation, Member of the Board 2019–

Key employment history:
HKScan Corporation, CEO, 1/2019-
Yara International, Commercial Director of the Nordic area 2015–2019
Yara Suomi Oy, Country Manager 2010−2015
HKScan Corporation, SVP, strategy and development 2009−2010
HK Ruokatalo Oy, SVP in charge of the meat business 2008−2009
LSO Foods Oy, executive positions 1997–2008

HKScan Mika Koskinen web

Mika Koskinen, EVP, Strategic business development and investments

Education: M.Sc. (Chem. Eng.)

Year of birth: 1972

Nationality: Finnish

Member of the Executive team: 1/2019

Shareholding at HKScan: 31,769*

Key employment history:
Valio Ltd., Executive Vice President/Production and Logistics, Purchases, International sales and Investments 2014–2018
Valio Ltd., Managing Director/Russia, Eastern Markets and Industrial Products 2012–2014
Valio Ltd., Regional Director/Russia and CIS 2007–2012
Valio, Chief Executive Officer/Russia 2005–2007
Rautakesko Oy, Project Director/M&A projects 2003–2005
SCA Packaging Russia, Deputy Managing Director (Production Manager) 1998–2003

HKScan Jouni Laine web

Jouni T. Laine, EVP, Food Solutions Unit

Education: eMBA

Year of birth: 1964

Nationality: Finnish

Member of the Executive team: 1/2021

Shareholding at HKScan: – *

Key employment history:
Clewer-Group, CEO and President 2014–2020
Gurulogic Microsystems Oy, EVP 2014–2020
Lucia Capital Oy, Director and Partner 2006–2014
Televisiotehtaat, Group President/Director and Partner 2000–2005
Turun puhelin, Director 1999–2000
Fast food chain Hesburger, Marketing Director 1994–1999

HKScan Jari Leija web

Jari Leija, EVP, Business Unit Finland

Year of birth: 1965

Nationality: Finnish

Member of the Executive team: 4/2019

Shareholding at HKScan: 5,766 pcs*

Key employment history:
Atria Plc, e.g. Atria Finland Ltd Deputy Managing Director, A-Tuottajat and A-Rehu Managing Director 2012–2018
HK Ruokatalo and HKScan Finland Oy, Managing Director 2007–2012
HKScan Plc, e.g. Plant & Logistics Manager Vantaa Production, Production Director, EVP Poultry Business 1993–2007

HKScan Lars Appelqvist web

Lars Appelqvist, EVP, Business Unit Sweden

Year of birth: 1974

Nationality: Swedish

Member of the Executive team: 11/2020

Shareholding at HKScan: – *

Relevant positions of trust:
Swedish Food Federation, Chairman of the board 2016–
Food Drink Europe, Member of the board 2020–
Consivo AB, Member of the board 2018–
Doggy AB, Chairman of the board, 2015–2018
The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, 2014–

Key employment history:
AB Anders Löfberg, President & CEO, 2008-2020
AB Anders Löfberg Group, Supply Chain Director, 1/2008–8/2008
Löfbergs Lila AB, Key Account Manager, 2006–2008
Löfbergs Lila AB, Various logistic positions, 1998–2006

HKScan Anne Mere web

Anne Mere, EVP, Business Unit Baltics

Education: MBA

Year of birth: 1971

Nationality: Estonian

Member of the Executive team: 2/2021

Shareholding at HKScan: 29,633 pcs*

Key employment history:
HKScan Plc, EVP Marketing 2013–2016
HKScan Plc, EVP Market area Finland and Baltics 2012–2013
AS Rakvere Lihakombinaat, Managing Director 2008–2012 and Marketing Director 2003–2008
Austria Tabak Eesti OÜ, Marketing Manager 2000–2003
Unilever Eesti OÜ, Key Account Manager 1997–2000
Suomen Unilever Oy, Van den Bergh Foods, Representative for Estonia 1994–1997 

HKScan Jukka Nikkinen web

Jukka Nikkinen, EVP, Business Unit Denmark

Education: M.Sc. (Econ.)

Year of birth: 1962

Nationality: Finnish

Member of the Executive team: 08/2012

Shareholding at HKScan: 37,951 pcs*

Key employment history: 
HKScan Plc, EVP International and Biotech business 6/2017–10/2017
HKScan Plc, EVP Away from Home and International business 2012–2017
Rautakirja Oy, Senior Vice President, Business development and strategy, member of Rautakirja Group’s management team 2004–2012
Rautakirja Oy, Kiosk trade, Director, International business, Member of Kiosk trade business’ management team 2002–2004
Leaf Suomi and Leaf group, various duties 1988–2001, latest as Export Director 1999–2001

HKScan Jyrki Paappa web

Jyrki Paappa, CFO

Education: M.Sc. (Econ.)

Year of birth: 1965

Nationality: Finnish

Member of the Executive team: 4/2019

Shareholding at HKScan: 6,722 pcs (direct ownership) and 20,000 pcs (through Airisto Capital Oy)*

Key employment history:
Maintpartner Group, Group CFO 2018–2019
Executive management consultant through own company  2014–2017
Raisio Plc, CFO 2004–2014
Ravintoraisio, Controller 2002–2004
Raisio Plc, Financial Manager, Broker 1995–2002
Turku District Cooperative Bank, Money Market Broker, Broker 1989–1995

HKScan Juha Ruohola web

Juha Ruohola, EVP, Export, import and meat balance

Education: M.Sc. (Agr.), eMBA

Year of birth: 1965

Nationality: Finnish

Member of the Executive team: 9/2019

Shareholding at HKScan: – *

Key employment history:
Landeli Group Oy, Director, Meat Division, 2018–2019
Lihatukku Jouni Partanen Oy, CEO 06/2018–10/2018
Polarica Holding Ab, CEO, 2014–2017
Atria Plc, Deputy CEO, 2011–2014
Atria Plc, Executive Vice President, Atria Russia, 2009–2011
OOO Pit Product, General Director & Managing Director, 2006–2009
Atria Plc, Group Vice President, Purchasing and Investments 2006–2009
Atria Plc, Group Vice President, Atria Russia and Atria Baltic, 2006–2007
Atria Russia Integration Director, 2006
Atria Finland Ltd, several Director positions, 2002–2006
Atria Meal Ltd, Managing Director, 2001
Lithells Ab, Managing Director, 1999–2001
Atria Lithells Ab, Managing Director, 1999–2001

HKScan Markku Suvanto web

Markku Suvanto, EVP, Administration

Education: LL.M, trained on the bench

Year of birth: 1966

Nationality: Finnish

Member of the Executive team: 4/2019

Shareholding at HKScan: 8,287 pcs*

Key employment history:
HKScan Plc, Administrative and Legal Director 2012–2017
HKScan Plc, Group Lawyer 2009–2012
KPMG, Legal Counsel/Business Law Supervisor 2002–2009
Mandatum/Sampo Pankki, Asset Manager/Private Banker 1998–2002
Suomi & Suvanto Law Office, Partner 1992–

*Information updated on 21.5.2021