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Meat tastes good – and goes well with a healthy diet

The two pillars of a healthy diet are versatility and moderation. We make our products using trusted raw materials, just like the founders of HKScan more than a hundred years ago. We use locally produced meat that is produced in a way that ensures the welfare of animals. HKScan’s target is to grow into a versatile food company and our selection includes products for both everyday and festive occasions.

Meat and meat products are part of a diverse and balanced diet as meat is a natural source of good nutrients. Meat is an excellent source of protein, in terms of both quantity and quality. Meat contains all the essential amino acids your body cannot make itself.

Our long-term work to develop the healthiness of our products is based on nutritional guidelines. Many of our products have been recognised for their healthiness: The Heart Symbol in Finland, and the Keyhole symbol in Sweden and Denmark.

Healthy diet is based on balanced choices

As one of the largest food companies in the Baltic Sea region, our operations have impact on public health as well. We determinedly reduce, for example, the amount of salt, improve the quality of fat and decrease portion sizes.