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Our value chain offers a variety of professional opportunities. Read below how we work together across our markets and from various functions from farm to consumer. Together we make food that does good!

HKScan Anssi Wiik

We promote work safety and our goal is zero accidents

“HKScan's aim is for each of us to return home safe and sound after each working day," says Anssi Wiik, Safety Director in his career interview.

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HKScan LaineTarja2022 382x259px

People and varied days spicing up the job

HR Manager Tarja Laine’s varied tasks have kept her work meaningful already for 30 years. She enjoys working with people and she balances her work life by spending time with her family and grandchildren.

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Liisi Tamminen   389x259

Everyone is interested in food, its responsibility and origin!

“We communicate a lot about food democracy, because we believe that different diets and eating habits can nicely live side by side. Healthy diet is the result of balanced and varied choices," says Group Communications Manager Liisi Tamminen in her career story interview.

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HKScan uratarina Matti Hakkarainen 382x259

Cooperation and passion for food

Matti Hakkarainen, HKScan’s VP Red Meat Business, is passionate about food even in his spare time. HKScan has taken Matti through China and Denmark to roles that emphasise collaboration within the organisation and with stakeholders. 

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HKScan Erkka Viippo 390px

Joy of learning and gym training helps to cope with physical work

Erkka Viippo, a butcher at HKScan Forssa unit, likes his varied days on the line. Opportunities for career advancement and learning new things have helped the former locksmith to enjoy his time at HKScan.

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Janne Nieminen uratarina 389x259

Almost 30 years of experience in the meat industry

Janne Nieminen, the slaughterhouse supervisor at HKScan's Forssa unit, has a career of nearly three decades at HKScan. During his long career, the opportunity to work in a variety of jobs and with good colleagues has kept him with the company.

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Laura Seppala uratarina 389x259

The day-to-day work of a packaging professional is all about good colleagues

For ten years, Laura Seppälä, a packer at HKScan's Forssa unit, has enjoyed varied working days and working with great colleagues. Her work sometimes requires a good insight and the packaging professional balances her workload by relaxing with her dog.

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Mikael Toverland   HKScan career story

Transport planning benefits the environment too!

Mikael Toverland is responsible for the transport planning at HKScan in Sweden. For Mikael, the best thing about being a transport manager is that one day is never the same as the one before. There is always something happening. Reducing costs in transport also reduces the carbon footprint, which is great! The better we plan and the fewer kilometres we drive, the greater the benefits for the environment.

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Hanna Lehtonen uratarina 389x259

Hanna Lehtonen, towards more sustainable packaging

Hanna Lehtonen, HKScan’s Packaging Development Director, is passionate about complex projects, the transformation of the packaging industry and development of more sustainable packaging.

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HKScan Baltikumi turundusdirektor Janne Laik Lõhmus little pic 389x259

Teamwork is the key!

HKScan values are Inspire, Lead, Care and Deliver. "I can say that the company carries values that match mine. That's what makes working at HKScan so exciting", says Janne Laik-Lõhmus, Product Development and Marketing Director of HKScan Baltics. She highlights that team work is the key to success.

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Tuija Virtanen uratarina 389x259

Tuija Virtanen, accuracy and high quality are at the heart of the work

Slaughterhouse worker Tuija Virtanen has varied days at HKScan's Forssa unit. Colleagues and different tasks have helped Tuija to enjoy her work at HKScan already since 1995.

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210119HKScan NikanderSami 389px

Sami Nikander, Head of Unit, values development and career opportunities

Sami Nikander’s career path at HKScan has been eventful: he started as a seasonal worker and is now the new Head of the Paimio Unit. In addition to the good working environment, he values especially the development and career opportunities offered by his employer – the potential in employees is recognised and they are encouraged to move forward in their career.

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210108HKScan ValonenTomi 389px

Once you get a taste – from summer employee to meat expert

As a high school graduate, Tomi Valonen never imagined that a summer job at HKScan would inspire him, spark an interest to study in the field and guide him towards an ascending career path. That is precisely what happened, however, and Tomi, who was appointed as a Foreman at the Rauma Unit this past autumn, couldn’t be happier.

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HKScan Mari Pihlajamaki 389px

Responsibility, variety and learning new skills are rewarding for Demand Planner Mari Pihlajamäki

A little over a year ago Mari Pihlajamäki was facing a new situation – she was about to leave her job in a bank and start working as a Demand Planner for HKScan. The bold career change rewarded, or, as Mari puts it: “I am really pleased!” During this autumn Mari, who loves to challenge herself, has also become known for her participation in a TV show for amateur bakers.

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