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Our value chain offers a variety of professional opportunities. Read below how we work together across our markets and from various functions from farm to consumer.

HKScan EmployeeStories Sweden GoranNilehn 389x225.jpg

Göran Nilehn, Purchasing manager

"We have a control over the whole value chain. Every aspect of what we produce is carefully controlled to a very high standard; this is unique and something to be very proud of.”

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HKScan EmployeeStories Baltics TriinMurru A 389x225.jpg

Triin Murru, Product developer

“We have a chance to develop the best products in the best possible way because we know where each raw material is produced and how it has been processed."

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HKScan EmployeeStories Sweden MariaDundeberg 389x225.jpg

Maria Dundeberg, Vice president AFH & industry sales

“Working in the food industry has been incredibly interesting because food is such an essential part of everyone’s life and wellbeing.”

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HKScan EmployeeStories Denmark ChristiniaXavierRathini 389x225.jpg

Christinia Xavier, Assistant to department supervisor

“We gather daily in the department to discuss important matters and what we could do to improve.”

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HKScan EmployeeStories Finland TuomasVirtanen 389x225

Tuomas Virtanen, Head of controlling, international business & biotech

How we collaborate across functions is an essential part of the success of my role.”

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HKScan EmployeeStories Finland TomiRikassaari 389x225.jpg

Tomi Rikassaari, Cutting & Deboning

”Our quality control is all about continuous practical work and cooperation."

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