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Our value chain offers a variety of professional opportunities. Read below how we work together across our markets and from various functions from farm to consumer.

Liisi Tamminen   389x259

Everyone is interested in food, its responsibility and origin!

“We communicate a lot about food democracy, because we believe that different diets and eating habits can nicely live side by side. Healthy diet is the result of balanced and varied choices," says Group Communications Manager Liisi Tamminen in her career story interview.

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389x259 Heikki Aro

Heikki Aro, our goal is Zero Carbon by 2040

Heikki Aro, RD Manager, is working in strategic research in primary production together with HKScan's contract farmers and other partners.

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Hanna Lehtonen uratarina 389x259

Hanna Lehtonen, towards more sustainable packaging

Hanna Lehtonen, HKScan’s Packaging Development Director, is passionate about complex projects, the transformation of the packaging industry and development of more sustainable packaging.

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210119HKScan NikanderSami 389px

Sami Nikander, Head of Unit, values development and career opportunities

Sami Nikander’s career path at HKScan has been eventful: he started as a seasonal worker and is now the new Head of the Paimio Unit. In addition to the good working environment, he values especially the development and career opportunities offered by his employer – the potential in employees is recognised and they are encouraged to move forward in their career.

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210108HKScan ValonenTomi 389px

Once you get a taste – from summer employee to meat expert

As a high school graduate, Tomi Valonen never imagined that a summer job at HKScan would inspire him, spark an interest to study in the field and guide him towards an ascending career path. That is precisely what happened, however, and Tomi, who was appointed as a Foreman at the Rauma Unit this past autumn, couldn’t be happier.

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HKScan Mari Pihlajamaki 389px

Responsibility, variety and learning new skills are rewarding for Demand Planner Mari Pihlajamäki

A little over a year ago Mari Pihlajamäki was facing a new situation – she was about to leave her job in a bank and start working as a Demand Planner for HKScan. The bold career change rewarded, or, as Mari puts it: “I am really pleased!” During this autumn Mari, who loves to challenge herself, has also become known for her participation in a TV show for amateur bakers.

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HKScan EmployeeStories Finland SeppoNoko 389px

Influence and responsibility, the spices of a varied set of tasks

Seppo Noko, Manager, Utilities, has had a particularly long career at HKScan. Now, he is heading towards a different line of work, and it is a good time to find out his reasons for such a long-term commitment.

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HKScan EmployeeStories Baltics TriinMurru A 389x225.jpg

Triin Murru, Product developer

“We have a chance to develop the best products in the best possible way because we know where each raw material is produced and how it has been processed."

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HKScan EmployeeStories Sweden MariaDundeberg 389x225.jpg

Maria Dundeberg, Vice president AFH & industry sales

“Working in the food industry has been incredibly interesting because food is such an essential part of everyone’s life and wellbeing.”

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HKScan EmployeeStories Denmark ChristiniaXavierRathini 389x225.jpg

Christinia Xavier, Assistant to department supervisor

“We gather daily in the department to discuss important matters and what we could do to improve.”

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HKScan EmployeeStories Finland TomiRikassaari 389x225.jpg

Tomi Rikassaari, Cutting & Deboning

”Our quality control is all about continuous practical work and cooperation."

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