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HKScan operates throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions as well as exporting our leading quality internationally. Our pork, poultry and beef products are sold worldwide.

The superior food safety and flavour of our products is highly valued by our customers and consumers in markets all the way from the EU to USA, Japan and New Zealand. We have recently launched the exports of poultry meat from Finland to South Korea. HKScan’s standard assortment is all-natural and Nordic. Most of our products are tailored to our customers’ wishes.

Our experience enables us to take responsibility at every step of the process - From farm to fork. We are committed to being the world’s best in animal care, reducing our environmental impact and helping you to make more sustainable and healthier choices. To ensure safety and quality, and to take care of the environment, HKScan's operations are certified by different standards. See a list of our production sites' certificates

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Charcuterie, meal components and ready-made meals are just some of the innovative product categories where HKScan plays an important role in our home markets. The new trends change consumers eating habits. Red meat consumption is slowly declining, and poultry consumption is increasing, also vegan alternatives are becoming more popular. To all these changes HKScan has been able to introduce new innovative and tasty products. We are producing a wide variety of chilled microwavable ready meals and meal components.

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Quality Nordic cuisine is our passion. We strive to make everyday life easier with products that are tasty, modern, innovative and easy to use. We offer innovative products manufactured under strict Nordic regulations, ensuring the highest possible standards of food safety.


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Nordic pork

HKScan has pork operations in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. The good health status of Finnish, Swedish and Estonian pigs is internationally acknowledged by the World Organisation for Animal Health. Nordic pork is natural, healthy and tasty.


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Nordic poultry

HKScan plays a leading role as a promoter of animal welfare in Finland and Sweden, countries renowned for their early ban on growth promoters and their zero tolerance of salmonella. The exceptional health status of Finnish, Danish and Estonian poultry is internationally acknowledged by the World Organisation for Animal Health.


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Nordic beef

We believe that meat, in the right amounts from the right farms, is a valuable part of a happy and healthy life. That is why we take the lead in creating a sustainable approach to meat. The beef production in Nordic countries is to 80 % based on milk production. The cattle is mainly grass fed which gives the meat it’s unique characteristiccolour and taste and juiciness that is recognized in around Europe.


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