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1. Scope and objectives of the policy

This Environmental Policy identifies the environmental commitments of the HKScan Group and shall be respected within the whole HKScan Group. HKScan works in the interests of and takes responsibility for environmentally sustainable development from farm to table and works constantly to reduce the environmental impact of its processes as well as makes environmental demands to its suppliers. The environment is considered as a strategically important issue which is integrated into the Group’s business model. HKScan also sees as its responsibility to share know-how in order to influence suppliers, customers and consumers to make more environment-conscious choices and develop environmentally positive behavior.

2. Commitment

HKScan together with all its Group companies shall:

  • work pro-actively to prevent damage to health and the environment.
  • reduce environmental impact of its significant environmental aspects by means of measurable improvements, partly through reduced consumption of resources, efficient use of materials and the use of the best technology available, partly through reduced emissions into air, ground and water.
    Chemicals used shall have as little impact on people and the environment as possible and usage shall be reduced.
  • require that its suppliers and other partners follow environmentally responsible practices. Environmental impact shall be taken into account when buying goods and services, and also when making alterations to operations or products.
  • in addition to its own operations work in the interest of sustainable primary production, reduced environmental impact from transportation and from the end usage of its products. HKScan shall be regarded by its customers as a reliable business partner and an environmentally sustainable supplier providing transparent accounts of its environmental work.
  • constantly increase and share knowledge of environmental matters and influence personnel, suppliers, customers and consumers to adopt environmentally positive behavior. Environmental awareness shall permeate the Group’s operations and be reflected in the working routines.
    ensure that rules, regulations and environmental permits are met and cooperate with the authorities and organizations to ensure the Group’s environmental work corresponds with the aims of the society.

3. Supplementing guidelines and instructions of the environmental policy

Guidelines and instructions under this Policy may be given separately.

Approved by the Board of Directors of HKScan Corporation on 11 February 2014.