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Nordic pork

HKScan has pork operations in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Finland and Sweden are pioneers in animal welfare and developing healthy food. Examples of our work in these areas include our early ban on growth promoters and our excellent salmonella status. The good health status of Finnish, Swedish and Estonian pigs is internationally acknowledged by the World Organisation for Animal Health. Nordic pork is natural, healthy and tasty.


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HKScan’s pigs are grown according to high northern European standards. We offer retail, HoReCa and industry customers safely produced pork products with fresh taste. Our product portfolio includes pork middles, fore-ends, legs, offals, ribs and bones.


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Quality Nordic cuisine is our passion. We strive to make everyday life easier with products that are tasty, modern, innovative and easy to use. We offer innovative products manufactured under strict Nordic regulations, ensuring the highest possible standards of food safety.


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Omega 3 pork

Omega 3 pork is a tenderer, healthier and tastier innovation that contains four times more omega-3 than normal pork and contains lower amounts of saturated fat.

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This unique product was created after four years of uncompromising development with research institutes in Finland (including the Natural Resources Institute Finland and the University of Helsinki). Our Omega 3 pigs follow a special GMO-free diet consisting of home-grown grain and Brassica Napus seeds.

Launched in 2011, this new kind of pork meat has proved successful in lowering the amount of saturated (hard) fat in the diet compared with normal pork. Substituting saturated fat for unsaturated (soft) fat is recommended by health experts, and the company has been rewarded for its work for better heart health by the Finnish National Institute of Health.

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Omega 3 Pork: unique innovation – great taste and absolute food safety

HKScan Omega 3 No Antibiotics Ever -concept consist of a unique way to change the fat composition of pigs towards more unsaturated, soft fat through feed, and of full traceability up to individual animal level and lowering the use of antibiotics even further. Result is unique pork meat, which is pure in taste, has healthier fatty acid composition, and is easy to cook for both home cooks and professionals alike.

The concept enables HKScan producers to differentiate on a highly competitive market. Through the innovations in feed development, feeding optimization, strict hygiene and biosecurity practices, as well as well branded, consumer-oriented sales and marketing, the concept offers opportunities both in home markets and globally.

HKScan Omega 3 No Antibiotics Ever -concept taps on two major consumer megatrends: healthy living and food safety and offers a commercially relevant concept to enter global markets. The concept also sets an example to the whole industry both in terms of locally produced feed as well as animal health and welfare practices.

Pigs’ Omega 3 diet is based on the use of local, fully GMO-free protein sources, such as rapeseed, beans and peas (no soya used). Since in Finland pork production is highly integrated with crop farming, Omega 3 production gives a chance to diversify the crop production and to add value on the field crops too.

Antibiotic free production

In 2017 HKScan Finland started antibiotic free production (ABF) which is combined with Omega 3 production. The target is to further reduce the use of antibiotics in the production and through that reduce the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria. When aiming at reduced use of antibiotics, the farms are advised of the best practices of biosecurity, safe feeding and housing conditions.

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ABF producers have a healthcare plan, and they register all the medications of animals to the Finnish SIKAVA-system.

Producers are dedicated to thorough follow-up of the health of their animals and use of PigVision program for statistics of health and slaughter data of the pigs. These measures will further improve the animal welfare on the farms.

In ABF production, piglets get the electronic ear tack after birth. If the pig needs to be treated with antibiotics, the treatment is registered to data collection program (PigVision). When the piglets are transferred to finisher farm or section, the piglets, which have been treated with antibiotics, are directed to conventional production. On finisher phase, all the medications are registered in similar way as on sow farm/section and can be separated from ABF pigs at the slaughterhouse.

When Omega 3 production started on contract farms, the performance (ADG, mortality etc.) of the pigs improved. Part of the improvement came via improved accuracy of feed formulation and higher energy content of diets, part via technical advising of liquid feeding and on-farm management. Improved performance has secured producers better margin for their production, through better productivity and contract-based price level of product. When the concept is completed with ABF concept (improved hygiene, management and healthcare), further improvement will be achieved.

As a product, Omega 3 meat is highly appreciated by both consumers and food professionals for its pure pork taste, but also for easiness of cooking the product. The higher share of soft fat behaves differently compared to hard fat when cooked. Soft fat melts into the meat rather than boiling away, keeping the meat juicy, tender and tasty, and it enables both shorter cooking time and lower temperature. On top of this, authenticity, traceability and absolute food safety are highly valued features of the product.

As unique value-added product, Omega 3 pork suits perfectly to highly competitive international markets. Adding “No antibiotics ever” concept to Omega 3 enables further differentiation, as well as value creation and quality enhancement.