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Zero Carbon: climate work in own production

Our goal is carbon-neutral own production by the end of 2025. We promote energy and material efficiency, and move towards renewable energy.

We produce food in nearly 20 production units in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. By emissions from our own production, we mean emissions caused by our production, for example from the processes, heating and cooling in the production units, and commuting. These emissions fall into the Scopes 1 and 2 of the GHG protocol. In addition to climate emission, we reduce other environmental impact of our production, for example by promoting material efficiency.

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Climate emissions -60 % in three years

Between 2019 and 2021, we have reduced the emissions of our own industrial production by almost 60 per cent, for example by introducing green and carbon-neutral electricity and by systematically improving our energy efficiency.

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100% carbon-neutral electricity

In our production units, we only use carbon-neutral electricity, for which we have acquired guarantees of origin. Around 70% of all our energy use is renewable. In our production units, we systematically improve energy use and carry out energy audits to find ways to improve energy efficiency.

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Climate efficient investments

We take climate impacts into account in all our investment decisions. We continuously invest in production equipment, which also reduces emissions from production. For example, we have invested in energy efficiency through a number of heat recovery projects.

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All materials for utilisation

By efficiently utilising materials, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact. We reduce systematically production losses and food waste, as well as utilise by-product material flows. Our production by-products are used as efficiently as possible by many other industries, such as the leather, feed and pet food industries. Unused materials of animal origin are used for biogas production. In Finland, we are committed to the material efficiency commitment of the food industry sector.