Policies and certificates

Policies and principles

Policies and operating principles

By focusing on high quality and sustainability in all of our operations, we create a competitive advantage both in our Nordic home markets and international export markets. Our values – Inspire, Lead, Care, Deliver – support sustainable operations.

Through our strategy and operations, we are committed to continuous and systematic development of sustainable business. HKScan’s operations are guided by external policies and ethical principles linked below.

HKScan Group's Quality Policy

HKScan Group's Food Safety Policy

HKScan Group's Environmental Policy

HKScan Group's Animal Welfare Policy

HKScan Group's Animal Purchase Policy

HKScan Corporation Disclosure Policy



Certified operations

HKScan's production sites are certified according to the table below. 

Code of Conduct

HKScan is committed to operate in a responsible way, and understands the benefits and responsibilities for the HKScan Group and its stakeholders.

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HKScan Supplier Guidelines

We enhance sustainable operations in the whole value chain. Take a look at our Supplier Guidelines (Supplier Code of Conduct). 

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HKScan Fair Way

To ensure the responsibility of operations, HKScan has adopted a channel enabling anonymous reporting of any suspected breaches of good conduct. 

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