HKScan in Finland

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HKScan Corporation is a publicly listed food company with over one hundred years of experience in responsible Nordic food production for customer and consumer needs. HKScan’s sustainable way of operating spans the entire value chain, from farm to consumer.

In Finland, HKScan produces, markets and sells high-quality and responsibly produced pork, beef, poultry, meat products and meals through its various well-respected brands, such as HK®, Kariniemen® and Via®. Our customers are the retail, food service, industrial and export sectors.

With a total of about 2 800 professionals, we serve the world’s most demanding consumers and ensure quality throughout our production chain from farm to consumer. HKScan’s production chain is the link between Finnish consumers and more than 3 000 Finnish meat producers. HKScan’s net sales in Finland in 2020 were EUR 772 million.

Our Finnish production units are located in Forssa, Mikkeli, Outokumpu, Paimio, Rauma and Vantaa. HKScan’s head office is in Turku.