vastuullisuus puisto matala

Food that does good

We make responsible, delicious food with over hundred years of experience. For us, responsibility means genuine action throughout the value chain and continuous improvement. As a leading food company in the Nordics, we pave the way for more responsible food production.

Our food does good. We make healthy food that contains naturally good nutrients, we help our farmers to develop and we promote the health of our personnel. With our farmers, we advance animal welfare and aim towards carbon-neutrality.

We use a wide range of different raw materials that we mainly procure close to the production site and the consumer. Our key raw material is meat, and we take care of its sustainable production together with our farmers.

In the Agrofood Ecosystem model, we collaborate innovatively with the entire value chain. We open-mindedly explore new ways to reduce climate impact, to support biodiversity and animal welfare and to prevent water eutrophication.

In HKScan’s responsibility work, we focus on four themes:  healthy food, the environment, our own community and animal welfare. Find out more about our work on this site!


Responsibility Report

Read about our work towards more responsible business in our Responsibility Report.

Code of Conduct

Our ethical principles guide our actions and relationships. Read more in our Code of Conduct.

HKScan Fair Way

To ensure operation's responsibility, we have a HKScan Fair Way channel for malpractice suspections.