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Food that does good

With over 100 years of experience we have the skills needed to take responsibility of our actions at every step of our value chain.

Our corporate responsibility work focuses on four areas: animal welfare, environment, our community and sustainable and healthy food.

As one of the leading Nordic food companies, we are committed to being the world's best both in animal care and in reducing our environmental impact. We take the wellbeing of our community seriously.


The origin of food, raw materials used, the sustainability of production methods as well as nutritional aspects, affect consumers’ food choices. In addition to animal welfare, the climate impact of meat production has been discussed extensively in recent years. We pay close attention to these issues.

We see our Nordic heritage as both a point of pride and our key asset. The strengths of our northern food production include pure and ample water resources, pure soil and air, and efficient agricultural production methods.

Responsibility Report

Read about our work towards more responsible business in our Responsibility Report.

Code of Conduct

Our ethical principles guide our actions and relationships. Read more in our Code of Conduct.

HKScan Fair Way

To ensure operation's responsibility, we have a HKScan Fair Way channel for malpractice suspections.