Health & Safety Policy

Safety First

1. Scope and objectives of the Policy

We want to ensure that all our employees and partners return home in good health after a workday and believe that all accidents can be prevented. We take all reasonable measures to assess and control the potential risks of our operations, including work safety and occupational health risks.

This HKScan Group Policy defines health, safety and wellbeing principles which shall always be followed. The Safety & Health Policy shall be respected within the whole HKScan Group and it applies to all personnel of all entities controlled by HKScan while performing duties at HKScan units and at offsite locations. It also applies to contractors, suppliers and members of public whilst at HKScan units.

2. Health and safety as part of HKScan strategy

In HKScan Group (HKScan) we keep the health, safety and wellbeing of people as our priority. We continuously work together with our employees to eliminate or mitigate risks to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses, avoid industrial accidents, protect the people and promote our employees overall physical, psychological and social wellbeing.

Health, safety and wellbeing programs are included in the annual business planning process and measurable objectives are set to ensure continuous improvement of our health, safety and wellbeing performance.

3. Managing health and safety

The following health and safety principles are the foundation of HKScan’s commitment to safe and healthy work place:

  • The HKScan units must implement local health and safety organizations to provide specialist advice supporting a robust zero-accident culture,
  • All relevant health and safety incidents, including occupational injuries and illnesses, as well as process safety incidents, must be recorded, analyzed and communicated as required by local legislation and by the HKScan’s Care Management process. Deliberate and willful concealing of incidents is not acceptable and may result in disciplinary action. Management must keep accurate records of all reported incidents and ensure reasonable and appropriate actions to minimize the consequences of an incident and prevent its reoccurrence.
  • All HKScan’s operations must comply with the applicable international (e.g. EU level), national and local laws and regulations, as well as with the provisions of this policy, the Health & Safety Guidelines and standards.
  • Benchmarking and sharing health and safety best practises within the Group

4. Safety first

All HKScan units must develop health and safety management system in accordance with ISO 45001, with the same scope as this Policy by the end 2025.

In HKScan we have implemented The Life Saving Rules. These are ways of working for activities in which a serious threat to life is concerned. All personnel must always follow the Life Saving Rules. Deliberate and willful violation of the rules may result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment.

The HKScan Life Saving Rules are:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Always wear the required PPE and make sure the PPE used is in proper condition and suitable for the use. In any doubt, ask you manager.
  2. Machine safety – Never put any body parts into areas with moving machine parts. Never impair, bypass or remove machinery safety interlocks and/or installed barrier with the equipment in operation. Always follow Lock-Out, Tag-Out procedures.
  3. Chemical handling - Always follow instructions given in the guidelines and SDS (Safety data sheet) and use the required personal protective equipment.
  4. Traffic rules – Always follow applicable traffic rules including those specific to on-site traffic.
  5. Work at height - Always follow set procedures and requirements and use the required fall protection equipment.

Health and safety management must always be taken in consideration in supplier and contractor selection processes. Contractors and other third parties entering HKScan units must have enough relevant information and training and be properly equipped to execute their tasks safely. Contractors must follow all applicable HKScan’s rules and procedures while at HKScan managed units.

Emergency response procedures to minimize the consequences for unit personnel and to surrounding communities must be established, maintained and tested annually at all HKScan units. Instruction and training on how to proceed in an emergency must be provided for all relevant personnel, including contractors and members of the public visiting HKScan units.

HKScan units must communicate with local communities and their emergency services, providing them with the relevant information to allow adequate planning for a response.

In case an emergency escalates to crisis scenario, the HKScan Group’s Crisis Management Guidelines and procedures are respected.

5. Responsibilities and roles

Group and business unit management is responsible for planning and resourcing country operations so that principles of this Policy and supporting instructions and guidelines are possible to be implement and people safety or health is not compromised at any stage of the process.

Managers at all levels are responsible and accountable for managing workplace health and safety with strong leadership and credibility. They must lead by example and ensure that employees are actively involved in Health & Safety programs and initiatives.

HKScan expects each of its employee, to take personal responsibility and to comply with this Policy and all supporting guidelines and instructions.

All sites must have systems in place to proactively communicate with employees, contractors and other stakeholders about health and safety. Where appropriate, education and training must be provided to ensure that they are prepared to perform their tasks safely.

6. Policy changes

Amendments to this Policy must be approved by the HKScan Oyj Board of Directors (BoD), except for amendments, which are more of a technical nature and which do not alter the overall concept of the Policy. Such technical amendments shall be approved by the Policy owner. All modifications made shall be informed to the BoD.

7. Communication and implementation

HESQ function is responsible for communicating, training and implementing this Policy to the whole Group to ensure that all employees have a clear and consistent understanding of the Policy.

8. Internal controls and reviews

Policy owner is accountable for making sure that there are adequate internal controls in place to ensure compliance with the Policy, related guidelines, instructions and processes. Regular reviews by internal and external parties shall be conducted to assess implementation and compliance with this Policy.

9. Consequences of non-compliance

In case an employee of HKScan is breaching this Policy, any breach will be subject to appropriate consequences, including possible termination of the employment relationship, and the breach can be reported to relevant local authorities in case HKScan suspects that the behavior of the employee in breach is also against relevant legislation.


Approved by the Board of Directors on 19 January 2021.