Main principles relating to remuneration

At HKScan remuneration of the Board of Directors and the CEO at HKScan Corporation ("HKScan" or the "Company") is based on the principles of remuneration as set out in the applicable Remuneration Policy and approved by the Board of Directors and the shareholders of HKScan.

The remuneration principles and incentive programs covering senior management have been developed to secure HKScan's competitiveness in its industry. The remuneration programs reflect HKScan Group's business strategy and financial performance, support value-based behaviours and encourage individual and team accountability and reward competitively and fairly.

Our remuneration policy, practices, tools and processes are designed to ensure that we are able to compete and retain the competent workforce, talents and senior management across the complex and long value chain and multiple markets in which we operate. HKScan's remuneration structure consists of base salary, benefits as well as short-term and long-term incentive schemes.

The remuneration principles of other personnel have been described in the effectual HKScan Group HR Policy. The terms of employment and remuneration principles of other personnel respectively aim at increasing the value and the productivity of the Company.