Accuracy and high quality at the heart of Forssa unit’s work

Janne Nieminen, the slaughterhouse supervisor at HKScan's Forssa unit, has a career of nearly three decades at HKScan. During his long career, the opportunity to work in a variety of jobs and with good colleagues has kept him with the company.

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How would you describe HKScan as an employer in three words?

HKScan is a stable, safe and adaptable employer. My 26-year career at HKScan in a variety of jobs is a sign of stability; my livelihood has been secured during these years. Adaptable because there has always been a job for me to continue in, despite the challenges. Stability and adaptability have brought security to my work life.

What is it that you do at HKScan?

I’m currently working as a supervisor in the pig slaughterhouse of the unit. My responsibilities include animal receiving, animal welfare and stunning. I’m also responsible for the by-product departments. Together with other supervisors, we also handle the day-to-day running of the line.

What do you like most or what is the best thing about your job?

My colleagues are one of the best things. Even if it's busy and stressful at times, my colleagues here understand each other and we can pull together. Having worked in different roles, both as a white-collar employee and as a worker, certainly helps.

What does your job require?

My work requires a calm mind and the ability to prioritise. In this role, you need to be able to handle animals and to manage workers. It’s also important to listen to your colleagues and act accordingly. I think it’s important not to form a false impression of things before knowing what they are really like.

What makes a good colleague?

A good colleague is calm and doesn’t get upset easily. As we know, the work can be hectic at times and you might say something a bit rude as you’re busy and prioritising. However, this is not meant to be mean. Of course, calmness is a good quality to have to be able to cope with the role of a supervisor.

Why do you like it at HKScan? And what makes you excited at work?

One thing has certainly been the variety of jobs and colleagues who have become friends over the years. With the best friends, we do things together also in our free time. Work has become a bit of a way of life over the years at HKScan.

What are your working days like?

My days are varied and it all depends on what shift you're on. In the mornings, you drive up the lines and check that the equipment works.  This is also when supervision and paperwork is done. Later shifts allow you to focus on things development discussions, report writing and interacting with others.  

How is responsibility reflected in your work?

Responsibility plays an important role in my work. It can be seen in the welfare of animals and, for example, in the fact that we work responsibly with all the staff on the site, without forgetting good management. It’s  also about being able to save water and energy, and producing as little waste as possible in our own operations within our unit.  

What’s your favourite food?

Here in the Forssa unit’s canteen, it’s the so-called Mexican Express: HK Sininen Lenkki -sausage with a creamy jalapeño-tomato-onion sauce. A hot and tasty dish.

What do you do in your spare time?

I mainly jog with my dogs and spend time at dog shows. I also enjoy motorcycling; I ride my bike and meet other bikers at different events.

Could you briefly tell us about your career/training background?

In the 80s, I worked as a barman and a cook in restaurants, because I was trained for those jobs. When I moved to Forssa, I applied for a job at the then LSO as there were no restaurant jobs available locally. I have a vocational qualification as a butcher in the meat industry. In the future, I will probably study for a specialised vocational qualification in management.