News December 2020

  1. Chicken Tacos Stegte Strimler (3) image
    HKScan Denmark updates its roadmap towards responsible soy

    To ensure a responsible value chain, HKScan is strongly committed to continuously promoting the great ethical and environmental responsibility in its supply chain of both food and animal feed. HKScan is working determined to fulfil this commitment.

  2. Rakvere tooted
    HKScan Estonia HKScan switched to renewable electricity

    HKScan Estonia, the largest Estonian food company, has for the past year been only using green electricity in its Rakvere and Tabasalu production units and thus cut almost 60,000 tons of carbon emissions.

  3. Cleaner energy and nutrients & fertilizers
    Gasum and HKScan plan to switch to manure-based feedstock at the Huittinen biogas plant

    Gasum is working with HKScan on plans to switch to manure-based feedstock at the Huittinen biogas plant. The plant would use mainly local pig and cattle manure to produce biogas. As one of HKScan’s contract partners, contract pig meat producer Emomylly Oy has also committed to the project.

  4. Foodora
    HKScan and foodora deliver Christmas to Swedish consumers’ doors

    The Q-commerce company foodora and HKScan’s Scan team join their forces to offer Stockholmers a unique experience: a bag full of delicious Christmas dishes delivered to consumers’ doors – within one hour of order placement.

  5. HKScan Next Generation cattle
    Next generation trainings

    Our Next Generation training programme provides young farmers with a unique opportunity to learn from top experts in the field, be inspired at work and to network with colleagues. Now the programme is launched in Finland and Sweden.

  6. DK renewable energy linkedIn english
    Our journey towards carbon neutrality continues – HKScan Denmark to use 100% renewable electricity

    HKScan Denmark has switched in its own production to the use of 100% renewable electricity purchased by acquiring Guarantees of Origin. The transition to renewable electricity is part of HKScan’s Group-wide target to reduce emissions and thereby mitigate climate change.