News June 2021

  1. Korv&Bread Meal HKScan Sweden
    HKScan offers Korv & Bread to summer vacationers in Sweden

    HKScan adapts the winter success concept “Korv & Carve” and introduces it to some of Sweden’s favorite vacation locations.

  2. Road leading to farm

    HKScan in Sweden has recently implemented a new model for animal transports from the farms to the plants. The background is a need to streamline transport and working methods as well as the climate benefits that fewer transport kilometers brings. Every year, the animal transports drive around 6,8 million kilometers on Swedish roads, equivalent to 170 laps around the earth. 60% of that distance, the trucks run empty without cargo which clearly isn’t sustainable in the long run, neither financially nor environmentally.

  3. 20160705 farmer 0097 (1)
    HKScan joining the Call on Carbon climate initiative

    HKScan, together with dozens of Nordic companies, appeals to the world’s decision-makers to promote the pricing models of climate emissions. The Call on Carbon initiative aims to accelerate climate investments and the launch of effective carbon pricing.