News November 2021

  1. Svensk hage
    HKScan and Svenskt Sigill present a new method for measuring biodiversity on Swedish farms

    HKScan Sverige aims to increase by 5%* the area that its suppliers, Swedish farms, use to promote biodiversity by the year 2030. No standard has currently been established that enables the measurement and monitoring of biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. HKScan has now started to collaborate with Svenskt Sigill to measure and monitor biodiversity on these farms.

  2. Rakvere Kanahakklihaga kapsarullid juurviljapüreega 1
    Tastes like homemade. Or even better!

    It is known that the phrase "Made like at home" always means something simple, yet very tasty, familiar and nutritious. This is exactly Rakvere's totally new ready-to-eat food series Homemade Flavours is about in Estonia.