Press Releases May 2021

  1. Kariniemen MikkoKiiski-3
    HKScan the first in the world to calculate a broiler’s environmental footprint

    HKScan is the first to calculate the environmental footprint of the HKScan AgroFood Ecosystem[®] pilot farm. The calculation included the carbon and water footprints of primary production of Kariniemen[®] chicken and the impact of production on eutrophication and biodiversity. The results show that a large part of environmental impact comes from feed.

  2. MarekMetslaid
    370 kg of meat travels to the Arctic expedition

    Tomorrow, on 25 May, Admiral Bellingshausen will start a new expedition leaded by Tiit Pruuli. The aim of the expedition is to draw attention to the climate problems caused by global warming in the Arctic. For a future common goal, HKScan Estonia, Estonia's largest food company producing Rakvere and Tallegg products, have given 370 kg of domestic pork, chicken and beef to the sailors to be taken along to the trip.

  3. Vaktsineerimine Rakvere lihatööstuses
    Almost 400 employees were vaccinated in Rakvere meat production unit

    Today, on 12[th] of May, more than 400 employees were vaccinated against COVID-19 virus in a vaccination centre set up on the territory of Rakvere meat production unit. As of today, 40% of the company's staff have been vaccinated.