Joy of learning and gym training helps to cope with physical work

Erkka Viippo, a butcher at HKScan Forssa unit, likes his varied days on the line. Opportunities for career advancement and learning new things have helped the former locksmith to enjoy his time at HKScan.


Using three words, how would you describe HKScan as an employer?

In a nutshell, I’d say that HKScan is a flexible and innovative company, a workplace of today. HKScan is a modern player in its field.

What is it that you do at HKScan?

I handle different tasks at slaughterhouse from hanging the carcasses to the final quality monitoring.

What do you like most or what is the best thing about your job?

Probably one of the best things is that I have several different job descriptions. Even though I work on the line, the work varies a lot and days are never monotonous. Of course, a good atmosphere at work is always a plus.

What does your job require?

My work is very physical so being fit helps me to do the job well. It’s also good to be eager to learn new things. And with a large organisation and lots of different and new people around you, a positive mindset and attitude will help you go a long way.

What makes a good colleague?

A positive and supportive attitude is always good; it’s at the top of my list of qualities of a good colleague.

Why do you like it at HKScan? And what makes you excited at work?

I have always had good guidance at work and opportunities to learn new things. I don’t feel tied to a particular job, but always have the opportunity to learn something new. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement at HKScan.   

What are your working days like?

It depends a lot on which workstation the tasks fall on each day. The tasks at the beginning and the end of the line are very different, so it is difficult to give a complete answer. For example, today when I came in, I made sure that my colleagues working on the line could have a break. This task is to ensure that everyone gets their break.

How is responsibility reflected in your work?

Responsibility is one of the most important things to consider on a daily basis when dealing with food. It’s reflected in everything we do here.

What’s your favourite food?

In the summertime, nothing beats barbecue steaks and sausages! They are definitely among my all-time favourites.

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend my free time exercising in the gym and doing martial arts.

Could you briefly tell us about your career or training background?

I was trained as a plumber at a vocational school and I worked in the field for a few years. Then I studied to become a locksmith and worked in that field for 4-5 years. However, the jobs in the sector in Forssa declined and I ended up applying for a job at HKScan. I have enjoyed working here for three years now.