The idea of Finnish Nature Day is that everyone can celebrate it the way they best see fit, be it in nature near you, a national park or wilderness. Let’s put on our gear and enjoy the open air! If coming up with activities on your own seems difficult, you can pick one from the Finnish Nature Day website. The Finnish Ministry of the Interior recommends that flags are flown in honour of the sixth Finnish nature day.


Clean nature ensures clean raw materials

This holiday is a good time to remember that Finnish nature is one of the best places in the world to grow food. Our advantages are the purity of our farmland and air, ample and clean sources of water, high level of education and technological know-how.

Arctic Food From Finland, a website building an export story of Finnish food, says the arctic food produced in this corner of the planet tastes unique, since it has been produced in difficult circumstances. It is exceptional that the nature and climate allow commercial farming and natural production at this latitude.

In these arctic circumstances we grow our grain, plants and farm animals with pride and professionalism.

The vast amount of daylight in the Nordic summer is vital to both natural and cultivated plants. Light and long days affect the development speed of grain. Nowhere else in the world, where the day is as long during the growth season as in Finland, are people able to cultivate grain. Food produced in Finland has a small water foot print compared to our water resources, and our soil is clean on a worldwide scale. Cold winters with below freezing temperatures decreases the number of plant diseases and pests in the soil and for that reason we need less pesticides. HKScan does its part for Finland’s nature with responsible environmental work.


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