Work safety and wellbeing commitments

Every member of the Group Executive Team has made their own personal commitment, in which they tell how we promise to promote the culture of safety and well-being at HKScan.

Safety Wellbeing yhdessa pysty

Promoting safety and well-being at work is everyday work, carried out systematically in all our operating countries and all our units. We are part of each other’s work environment, and we all have an opportunity and responsibility to influence the direction in which we develop it.

HKScan Tero Hemmila web

We care for our people


At HKScan, the safety and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority. Everyone has the right to a safe workplace, to get back home safe and sound. Every accident is preventable, and with our Safety First programme, we are well on our way to zero accidents.

Management’s strong commitment to the company’s safety and wellbeing culture is vital. As the CEO of HKScan, I guarantee that safety and wellbeing of our people continue to be our key priority. My commitment to lead this work is strong.

Tero Hemmilä, CEO

HKScan Lars Appelqvist web

We focus on safety and wellbeing


Safety and wellbeing are at the core of our operations and business and there is always potential for continuous improvement. That makes us a better employer and helps us improve our performance excellence, which is also a key area of our Group strategy.

Together with my team, I commit to ensuring that safety and wellbeing will stay as a prioritised development area and part of our culture in the coming years.

Lars Appelqvist, EVP, BU Sweden

HKScan Mika Koskinen web

We care for a healthy lifestyle


Whether you work in a slaughterhouse, food production unit or office, good physical condition is of great importance. I encourage everyone to make good choices every day: to eat healthily, exercise in a way that suits you and to rest and recover.

I’m committed to encouraging my colleagues to lead a healthy lifestyle that creates a sustainable foundation for our well-being.

Mika Koskinen, EVP, Strategic business development, investments, exports and imports

HKScan Jari Leija web

We have the power to stop


Safety of our employees, whatever the role, has always been important to me. We should all have the courage and strength to say stop when we see hazardous situations caused by operations, machinery or the working environment. We must do everything we can to avoid situations that pose a threat to ourselves or others.

I’m committed to encouraging, by my own example, all HKScan people to stop activities that involve serious safety risks. I also support everyone to take an active part in the safety development. We all have the right to a safe workplace.

Jari Leija, EVP, BU Finland

HKScan Jukka Nikkinen web

We work together


Decreasing accidents to zero is our joint target at HKScan. Together, we can make a positive impact. I respect my colleagues so much that I want to put workplace safety as my top priority.  

I commit to take work safety as the first item in every Management Team meeting in Denmark.

Jukka Nikkinen, EVP, BU Denmark

HKScan Jyrki Paappa web

We care for work-life balance


I strongly believe that people want to work in companies that take safety and employee wellbeing seriously and make them part of everyday life.

I commit to support a healthy work-life balance that allows recovery. 

Jyrki Paappa, CFO

HKScan Juha Ruohola web

We care about traffic safety


Improving safety at HKScan is very important and close to my heart. I commit to promote and build a positive, proactive and safe traffic culture by setting an example and I expect the same from others.

My target is that all my colleagues get home safe and sound every day whether they travel by bike, by car or on foot. Traffic safety is our joint effort!

Juha Ruohola, EVP Business Unit Baltics, Polish business, Group's biotech business and meat balance

HKScan Markku Suvanto web

We care for our values


Responsibility for work safety starts from the top management. A safe workplace is a result of the decisions and actions that we make together in good collaboration. HKScan´s Code of Conduct as well as the Group and Business Unit level guidelines cover the key elements that ensure the physical and mental safety of us all. In addition, we are committed to respect national and EU level legislation in everything we do.

A safe workplace is everyday actions – yours and mine! I commit to promote our values: Inspire, Lead, Care and Deliver.

Markku Suvanto, EVP, Administration